Monday, December 2, 2013

A Wreath for Gwen

Pinterest strikes again!  

During the summer I found some super cute wreaths on Pinterest AND some DIY instructions!  This made me super excited, but I was also nervous.  The burlap wreath I wanted to make didn't start with a base of greenery or required hot glue.  My first attempt required a lot of floral wire to attached the burlap ribbon to the wire wreath frame.  This wreath is actually my 6th wreath to make and I tried a different method.  I really, REALLY liked this way better (no cutting or twist wire to attached the burlap!)!

For this wreath you will need 2 - 15' rolls of burlap ribbon (I use 6"), and 18" wire wreath frame and whatever embellishments you plan on using (I had a wooden letter S, some silk flowers and some pieces of burlap ribbon I had left over from past wreaths).  

What makes this so easy is you are just weaving the ribbon between the wires on the wreath.  I repeated three times for each section of the wreath, fluffing and pulling it to look puffy as I went.

It didn't always lay straight as I I wove it through and I had to remember to loop back when I got to the end.  One roll of 15' ribbon should do half the wreath.  

When you get to the end of the ribbon, weave/wrap it back through. The end piece won't be noticeable with all the other ruffles.

Once I finished the base burlap I used some scraps from previous projects. 

I did not have enough to fill around the whole wreath so I cut some pieces to tuck in around the wreath to create the look that it went all the way around.

Now time for some personalization!  My friend, Gwen - who might just be one of the most wonderful people in the world - has a last name that starts with an S.  I used the some floral wire to wrap and twist around the S.

Then I pushed through the burlap to twist the the wire wreath.  I also used some silk flowers with wire stems to follow the same method.  And here is the final product!

You could always use colored flowers or paint the letter to add some color if you aren't into the neutral/black & white theme.  All-in-all this took about 15-20 minutes to complete.  

Happy birthday, Gwen!

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