Saturday, December 20, 2014

Homemade Whipped Body Butter

Over the past year I've really started to eliminate a lot of the "beauty products" I have that contain a ridiculous about of chemicals and harmful ingredients (parabens!).  Many of the items I use come from Young Living (Thieves toothpaste, Lavender shampoo and conditioner, and Thieves foaming hand soap).  After venturing into the world of making my own bath salts and foot soaks, I've decided that I can make pretty much anything.  Today's experiment:  Homemade Whipped  Body Butter (made with Young Living essential oils)!

Just as in other posts, I want to mention that I only use Young Living essential oils.  Young Living is the only company that makes PURE, THERAPEUTIC GRADE essential oils in a completely transparent way that they guarantee with their "Seed to Seal" process.  If you plan on following this recipe or any other that involves essential oils, PLEASE note that the $4.00 bottle of Lavender you find at the drug store is not the same thing.  The quality, purity and grade of oils is not the same.  Please do your research and know what you're using on your body.  To get your own Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils click here

What you will need:

1/4 cup Shea Butter
1/4 cup Coconut Oil
1/4 cup Almond Oil
10 drops of Young Living Essential Oils (your choice!  I did Peace & Calming and Lavender)
1 Half Pint Mason Jar 
Stainless steel mixing bowl

Start by combining all your ingredients in a stainless steel bowl. I used the bowl that goes with my Kitchenaid stand mixer.  Place the bowl top of a bowling pot of water (you're basically making a double boiler to melt down and combine shea butter, coconut oil and other oils.

It shouldn't take long for everything to liquify.  I used a silicone spatula to stir to make sure everything combined together well.

Remove from heat (take out your spatula) and place in the refrigerator to cool.  This will probably take a few hours.  You want it to cool all the way through, but not be rock hard, so don't use the freezer.

Use a mixer to whip the cooled ingredients.  I should look deliciously like whipped frosting!  I had to scrape the sides a few time to make sure everything got mixed really well. 

Use your spatula or a spoon to dish the whipped body butter into your jars. 

Seal them up and label them!  

This recipe is easily doubled or tripled to make gifts.  I found the portions listed above makes enough for one jar half pint jar. 

Other Yummy Smelling Suggestions:

Lemon - which smells like lemon custard!  Since citrus oils (like lemon) eat petrochemicals (plastics), please make sure you use a glass jar for storage.
Peppermint - definitely a great scent for the holidays!
Lavender - very relaxing and calming.  Also great for skin care!
Orange - an energizing scent.  Since citrus oils (like lemon) eat petrochemicals (plastics), please make sure you use a glass jar for storage.

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